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About us

All financial advisers are not the same and they do not all do the same things in the same way.

Kench & Co Financial Services Ltd was formed in 2006 by the principals of Kench & Co Ltd, Chartered Accountants.

The decision to bring the provision of independent financial advice ‘in house’ was made after several years of referring clients to established contacts with IFAs outside of the accountancy practice. Although this process did have its merits the main issue of ‘quality control’ over the advice given by the outside IFAs was very difficult to manage and monitor.

In 2008, John Rook joined the company as a Financial Adviser and Director, and subsequently became a shareholder alongside Eric Kench.

The philosophy behind the provision of independent financial advice from Kench & Co Financial Services Ltd can be embodied as follows:-

Our aim is to provide you with a financial strategy based on your objectives and goals – our aim is not to sell products but to look after your financial affairs as if they were our own.

Over the years the philosophy has evolved into a service that is based on Lifestyle financial planning.