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The Second Service - Financial Planning

Once we have established exactly what you are trying to achieve we can then take you to the next stage by undertaking comprehensive Financial Planning. This is where we analyse all of your existing arrangements to identify exactly what you have already, what they are worth now and what we can safely assume they will be worth in the future - taking into account performance to date.

As part of this process we will use sophisticated financial planning software that will enable us to show you what your financial future might look like.

We will produce a detailed statement of your net worth, we will confirm your various income sources, available now and in the future, and we will look at your expenditure requirements, based on you living the life you want to live. We will also look at various disaster scenarios to consider the effect on you and your family should the worst happen.

Then, together, we will look at various ‘what if?’ posibilities in order to identify what needs to happen to ensure that your goals (based on the Life Planning meetings) are achieved. This is when most people suddenly understand what they need to do, and why. It’s when money starts to make sense. This is when people see the possibilities available to them, now and in the future.